Addi – Novel Interchangeable Needle Tips



If, like us, you are always eager to try the new things that the knitting needles manufacturers create, here is something that might tempt you! Indeed, after the fixed circular needles, Addi just released interchangeable needles in its Novel range.

The Novel interchangeable needles of the brand are to be used with their “Click” cables system. Just like the name says, you will only have to snap together the cables and the needle tips to create your knitting needles. No more searching for the right tightening key, before screwing everything together and pray that it stays that way! Within seconds, your needles will be ready to dive in your next project. Curious about how it works? Here is a Youtube video that shows the system (with bamboo needle tips, but it is the same).

The tips of the Novel range are designed to minimize the tension on your hands while knitting. Thanks to their form and texture, you will put less pressure on your hands while working. That way, you will limit the fatigue and the soreness. They will certainly seem strange to you at first. They indeed do not look like any others! Made of metal, cubic but with comfortably rounded edges, their body is textured, like hammered. 

These needle tips are available in 10 sizes, from 3.5 mm to 8 mm.

You will need some AddiClick specific cables to have complete needles.

Addi Novel interchangeable circular needles are an interesting tool to try, essentially if your hands and shoulders are sensitive or prone to injury, or if you knit for hours.

Interested? They are also available as a set, with everything you need to immediately cast on your next project. And if you like this brand’s products, you can find our selection here.

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