Addi – Novel Interchangeable Needles Set



If you are looking for the best needles to be able to knit for hours without fatigue, or to spare your hands and shoulders, give this innovation a try! With their specifically designed tips, Addi’s Novel interchangeable circular set has actually been conceived to limit muscular and articular tensions.

And we are quite certain that you never saw such needle tips! Besides their cubic form with rounded angles, Addi Novel needle tips are also textured, like hammered. This particularity makes them exceptionnally easy to grip. This way, they demand way less effort from your hands.

This set is part of the unique cable – tips joint system of the brand: AddiClick. It is really aptly named, as you just have to snap the cable attachments to the needle tips to put together your needles! Simple, efficient and quick, you will be ready to knit in the blink of an eye. You want to see how it works? This Youtube video shows how the system works with a set of bamboo needles. But the concept is the same with the Novel tips.

The Novel interchangeable needles set contains:

  • 8 pairs of Addi Novel needle tips, long, in the following sizes: from 3.5 mm to 8 mm;
  • 3 cables of the “AddiClick” system, in the following length: 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm;
  • a cables connector (to join two cables and have a longer one);
  • a tightening grip, useful to have a better grip on the cables or tips when joining them;
  • a golden collector pin of the brand;
  • a blue fabric case, with individual compartments for the tips, secured with a flap, and a zippered pocket on the back to put your cables and accessories.

Thanks to this Addi Novel interchangeable circular needles set, you will have everything within reach to cast on your next project with the best tools. Hours of knitting are ahead of you!

The Novel circular needles are also available in fixed version, if you prefer this type of needles. You can find them here.

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