Alpakka Silke – Sandnes Garn



If you need softness and comfort, you are on the right page. Mixing baby alpaca with silk, Sandnes Garn’s Alpakka Silke is one of those to-die-for yarn !

Even if it is named “baby alpaca”, this fiber does not come from the baby animals first or second shearing. It is in fact a designation for a very fine fiber (usually between 20 and 23 microns), extremely soft*. Only Royal Baby Alpaca is considered as more desirable !

The Alpakka Silke yarn is another wonderful creation of Sandnes Garn. It is a blend of baby alpaca (70%) and silk (30%) with an amazing shine and drape.

It is the perfect yarn to knit a light sweater, both comfortable and luxurious. But you can also knit it together with a strand of mohair and silk lace, such as Tynn Silk Mohair to knit all your favorite cuddly patterns ! In need of ideas ? Sur un nuage, Sigrid, Red Blush are a good starting point… or why not a shawl, such as Misty Woodlands by Suvi Simola (available either on Ravelry or LoveCrafts), or even baby clothes !

What you have to keep in mind concerning this yarn:

  • Weight: fingering
  • Composition: 70% baby alpaca – 30% silk
  • balls of 50g / 200 meters
  • available in 21 shades
  • Aig. 3 mm
  • Gauge: 27 stitches = 10 cm
  • Wash at 30°C max, preferably by hand

Sandnes Garn’s Alpakka Silke is really an excellent candidate to become a new favorite ! And you can still take a look at its Ravelry page to find some inspiration if you need it.

*Note: the itching feeling associated to our grandma’s handknits can come from two things: being lanolin intolerant (lanolin is for example present on the sheep wool, but not on alpaca fiber) or being skin sensitive. Most people can tolerate fibers up to 30 microns, but some become itchy as soon as 27 microns. The finer the fiber, the less itchy it is. It looks like baby alpaca is really a good candidate for all of us, sensitive types !

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