BC Garn – Baby Alpaca



Prepare yourself for one of the softest knitting experiences! BC Garn’s Baby Alpaca is what you need if you are looking for a natural yarn “that does not itch”.

Indeed, the itchy side of natural yarn can be traced up to two things: an allergic reaction to lanolin, or the use of fibers that are too rough.

And now, a bit of technique! Unlike the sheep, the alpaca does not produce lanolin, so the first factor is not relevant here. As for the second one, we have to take a look at some numbers. You may have tried to wear alpaca without being able to stand it. As for all the fibers, there are several categories of alpaca fibers, and the coarsest ones can be itchy. But baby alpaca (which does not come from baby alpacas but is a category of fiber in itself) comprises fibers from 18 to 22 microns. Knowing that the most reactive persons usually tolerate fibers under 27 microns, you should be good with this factor too!

And that’s it for the softness 😉

But this yarn also has other qualities!

Thanks to its particular structure, this yarn is also lighter and warmer than wool, and more resistant too. Plus, it makes a softer fabric, that has a beautiful drape, ideal if you are looking for something to knit a shawl or a scarf! But it will also make wonderful sweaters and cardigans, that will softly fall around you.

Add to this the pretty colour palette offered by BC Garn, with its numerous shades, from the softest to the more vivid ones, and you will not be able to resist!

What you need to know about this yarn:

  • Weight: Light Fingering
  • Composition: 100% baby alpaca
  • approx. 250 meters / 50 grams per skein
  • Available in 26 shades
  • Needles: 2.5 to 4 mm
  • Gauge: 31 stitches  x 42 rows = 10 cm using 2.5 mm needles
  • Handwash

BC Garn’s Baby Alpaca is a yarn you must try! We do not promise a miracle to people who are reactive to wool, but it at least is worth a try. It would be a shame to deprive them from the pleasure to cozy up in such a soft and fine fiber, wouldn’t it? In fact, speaking of cozying up, why not make a Soften out of it, for example? With all those beautiful colours to play with, we totally see a rainbow one, or maybe a gradient?

And for more project ideas, you can find several hundreds of them on its Ravelry page!


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