ChiaoGoo Mini-Circular Fixed 30 cm Bamboo Needles



You liked them in stainless steel ? Now the mini-circular fixed 30 cm needles by ChiaoGoo are also available in bamboo !

The 30 cm diameter will allow you to knit your sleeves easily, but also hats, baby clothes… Chiaogoo uses high quality Moso bamboo, soft and smooth under your fingers. The needle size is laser engraved on the tips of the needle, to find the one you need quickly.

The tips are crimped to the cable using a nickel-plated copper joint to ensure durability. The cable is made of clear nylon, without shape memory : it stays straight while you knit. Bonus point : it spins on its base to follow your every moves !

The ChiaoGoo 30 cm fixed mini-circular needles are available in 12 sizes, from 2 to 5.5 mm. A wide range guaranteed to cover most of your needs !

You prefer to knit with stainless steel needles ? You will find the steel version of these needles here.

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