ChiaoGoo Red 23 cm Fixed Circular Needles



You dream of comfy socks to wear in cold weather, but you just can’t figure out how to use DPNs ? You will love these ChiaoGoo Red fixed circular needles in 23 cm !

23 cm, it is the total length of these needles, cable and needle tips included. They fit in the palm of your hand ! But it is also the ideal length to knit a sock (or the leg of a softie, or the sleeve of a baby sweater, in fact any small diameter piece of knit !).

These small circular needles are part of the “Red” range, meaning that the point of their tip is softer than the “Red Lace” ones. If you are used to push the tip of your needle with your finger to slide your stitches, that is the needle you need !

The chirurgical quality stainless steel tips are fixed on a TWIST cable. Made of several strands of steel coated with red nylon, those cables have no memory shape. That way, they never twist and always stay perfectly straight ! Moreover, ChiaoGoo is known for the quality of their needle – cable joint, which are said to be particularly smooth.

The ChiaoGoo 23 cm fixed circular needles are available in 13 sizes, from 1.5 to 5 mm.

The sharper tips, “Red Lace”, don’t exist in fixed needles, but you can find them in the interchangeable range, the Shorties ! Interested ? Take a look here for some combos, or here and there for the complete kits.

Hey ! You have never knitted socks ? Let Suzette be your guide 😉

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