ChiaoGoo Red Fixed Circular Needles 30 cm



Whether you like knitting sleeves or not, you will now finish them in record time thanks to the ChiaoGoo fixed circular needles in 30 cm !

The tips of these needles are made of chirurgical quality stainless steel, with a satin-smooth finish. They are part of the “Red” range, with a smoother point than the “Red Lace” ones. If you have a habit of pushing the tip of your needle with your finger, you will prefer these ones ! More, they are bend at a comfortable angle, so that you don’t have to fight with your stitches to let them slide around the needles.

The cable of ChiaoGoo fixed circular needles is their TWIST cable. It is made of several steel strands coated with red nylon. This technology produces memory-shape-free cables : no more twisting ! Plus, ChiaoGoo is well-known for the joint between cable and needle tips, which ensures fluid and comfortable knitting.

These 30 cm circular needles (the length includes needle tips and cable) are available in 13 sizes, from 1.5 to 5 mm.

Perfect to knit sleeves, but also the ideal tool for all your small diameters projects such as mitts or some baby knits, the ChiaoGoo Red fixed circular needles will follow you in all your knitting experiences.

And if you would rather use sharper tips, you can find them in the interchangeable range, the Shorties ! They are available in a combo packaging here, or in complete kits here or there.

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