ChiaoGoo Red Lace 5″ (13 cm) Needle Tips


The ChiaoGoo TWIST Red Lace needle tips are a perfect tool for all the knitters who like to knit splitty or sticky yarn, such as cotton or mohair.
The Red Lace tips are indeed sharper than the classical Red ones, but do not hurt the fingers. If you add to this the fact that they are made of satin-smooth stainless steel, you will easily see why they are ideal to knit this type of yarns. But they will also be perfect to knit lace or cable patterns.
These needle tips can be screwed either on the TWIST cables (red, fixed) or on the SPIN cables (clear, with a swiveling base). Another good point: ChiaoGoo is well-known for their smooth cable – needle tips transitions! Using the ChiaoGoo interchangeable circular needles guarantees a moment of pure knitting bliss!
This listing is for the 5″ (13 cm) long needle tips. They are available in 20 sizes, from 1.5 to 9 mm. Note: the ChiaoGoo Red Lace 5″ needle tips are not compatible with the 20 cm cables. So if you need 40 cm needles for a project, you will want the 4″ (10 cm) long needle tips.
Plus, you can find complete sets of interchangeable circular needles here if you need several sizes!


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