ChiaoGoo Shorties Twist Combo 2″ et 3″



You are tempted by the ChiaoGoo Shorties sets, with their interchangeable mini-circular needles, but you don’t need the whole range of sizes ? Make your knitting life easier thanks to these ChiaoGoo Shorties Twist combos  !

You will receive 2 pairs of ChiaoGoo Red LACE tips, in 2″ (5 cm) and 3″ (8 cm), and 2 cables of 13 and 15 cm. Just play mix and match to create the best combination for your current knitting project !

These combos are available in different sizes :

  • from 2 mm to 3.25 mm, to be paired with the “MINI” cables ;
  • from 3,5 mm to 5 mm, to be paired with the “SMALL” cables.

If the tips of the fixed 23 and 30 cm ChiaoGoo needles are classical Red, those of the Shorties Twist combos are Red LACE. It means that they are sharper, even if they won’t hurt your fingers. Made in stainless steel, they are perfect to knit lace and cable patterns.

You will receive cables from the “Twist” variety. They are made of twisted strands of steel, coated with nylon, without shape memory. That way they stay perfectly straight and don’t twist around your knitting ! All the “Twist” cables compatible with the Shorties needles, so you can knit larger diameter with them too. You just have to choose the size that you need in our list of available cables.