ChiaoGoo Stitch Stoppers



If you are one of those knitters who, when they read “put xx stitches on hold”, grumble at the thought of slipping them on a thread or a stitch holder, the ChiaoGoo stitch stoppers will be your new best friends !

These small plastic objects rank among the favorite accessories of many knitters. You just have to unscrew your needle tips and replace them with the stitch stoppers. You will not have to slip thousands of stitches when it is time to separate the front and the back of your future sweater ! And we don’t even want to talk about the risk of losing some of them… Thanks to these stoppers, your stitches stay on hold on your cables. You just have to screw the needle tips back once you are ready to knit this part of your project again.

The ChiaoGoo stitch stoppers adopt the same size system as the cables:

  • Mini : red, for the Mini cables and the needle tips ranging from 1.75 mm to 2.5 mm ;
  • Small : white, for the S cables and the needle tips ranging from 2.75 mm to 5 mm ;
  • Large : black, for the L cables and the needle tips ranging from 5.5 mm to 10 mm.

You can use them with the TWIST cables or with the SPIN cables of the brand.

Thanks to these ChiaoGoo stitch stoppers, you will gain time (but miss an opportunity to learn how to save your lost stitches). An excellent way to make your life easier !

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