ChiaoGoo Twist Cables for Interchangeable Needles



If you are looking for the best circular needles to gain knitting comfort and speed, these ChiaoGoo TWIST cables will take you one step nearer to achieve your goal !

Why are they different from the SPIN cables of the brand ?

The ChiaoGoo TWIST cable is made of several steel strands twisted together, then coated with red nylon. Whereas the SPIN cable is made of clear nylon and swivels on its base, the TWIST cable is fixed. It is also more consistant under the fingers, giving an impression of sturdiness.

They have, however, a common point : no memory shape ! It means that they will stay straight while you knit, not keeping the form they have taken while in storage.

Both cables are compatible with the needle tips of the brand, either the bamboo ones (SPIN tips) or the steel ones (Red Lace tips).

This listing is for the TWIST red nylon cables.

Note : there are 3 types of cables depending on the needle size you use :

  • Mini for the needles ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 mm;
  • S for the needles ranging from 2.75 to 5 mm;
  • L for the needles ranging from 5.5 to 10 mm.

Each cable is available in 6 lengths :

  • 20 cm (8″);
  • 35 cm (14″);
  • 55 cm (22″);
  • 75 cm (30″);
  • 95 cm (37″);
  • 125 cm.

You will receive a cable and its tightening key.

You cannot choose between TWIST and SPIN ? It is hard to help you make your mind as it is a matter of taste ! So if you want to compare the TWIST cables to the SPIN ones, you will find them here.

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