ChiaoGoo Yarn Swift


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You are afraid to scratch your furniture using an umbrella-type yarn swift, that needs to be clamped on a table top to stay in place? Maybe this ChiaoGoo yarn swift will be your saviour!

ChiaoGoo has chosen a horizontal system, that simply has to be placed on a flat surface. Quite plain in its design, it takes its inspiration from the tools traditionally used by the Amish. No need to screw a base on your table with a clamp anymore! And so, no more undesirable traces on your furniture. You just have to quickly put together the parts of the swift, put on the pegs in the right slots, and voila!

This yarn swift is made of two wooden “crosses”. Equipped with non-skid pads, the base provides a perfect stability to the machine. On top of it comes the second cross, which can spin, and on which are placed the skeins. There are slots on its arms to put some pegs on. This way, you can set them at the right size according to the yarn skein you have. It can receive skeins up to 155 cm of circumference.

Plus, it is collapsible so it does not take too much place once put back in its box.

This ChiaoGoo tabletop yarn swift is an excellent alternative to the umbrella-type ones. You can still put your yarn in balls by hand if you want to, but without having to ask someone to help you, or using a chair back (which is never at the good size and do not spin!). This way, you will avoid to get your skeins in a knot 😉 Plus, if you use it with a yarn winder (made of wood, or of plastic, your choice!), you will win some more time… And have more of it to knit or crochet your WIPs!

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