Cocoknits – Leather Handle Kit



You just finished to sew, knit or crochet a bag, and you need easy-to-fix handles? This kit of leather handles designed by Cocoknits may interest you!

Actually, the brand has created this kit for their Kraft Caddy, this well-thought project and accessory bag, but you can in fact use it on any of your own creations. And you don’t even need to learn to sew for that! Indeed, thanks to an ingenious system made of straps of different widths and lengths, these handles don’t need to be sewn on. You won’t even need rivets pliers! This way, you can put the handles on and take them off very easily. If you’re curious to see how it works, here is a  video on Youtube for you.

Just like every other product of the brand, these handles have been designed taking into account the respect of the environment. That’s why they chose a  vidéo sur Youtube. While this material itself can lend to controversies, it still is one of the most resistant alternative you can find for this type of product. You will be able to keep your handles for a long time, and they will even become more and more beautiful as they age! Plus, if you want to, you can use one kit for several bags.

What you need to know about these handles:

  • kit made of 2 handles, 4 cords and 4 “washers”
  • easy to put on your bag and to remove
  • no sew!
  • originally designed for the brand’s Kraft Caddy, but can be used with any fabric or knit bag
  • made of vegetable-tanned leather (non-toxic process, unlike the one used in traditional tanning activities)
  • available in two sizes: short or long
  • dimensions of the “short” handles kit: handles straps: 32 cm x 2 cm ; cords: 13 cm ; “washers”: 2,5 cm x 2 cm
  • dimensions of the “long” handles kit: handles straps: 41 cm x 1,3 cm  ; cords: 12,5 cm ; “washers”: 2,5 cm x 1,3 cm

Note: if you want to wash your bag, please remove the handles before putting it in the washing machine!

This system of leather handles designed by Cocoknits will put the final touch to your new bag, or change your Kraft Caddy into a nomadic practical project bag. And thanks to its ingenious conception, you will not even have to become a sewing expert!

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