Cocoknits – Natural Mesh Bag


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You knit a lot on the go, and you have more than enough to find your yarn balls all messed up at the bottom of your project bag? Cocoknits‘ founder has experienced that feeling too, and that’s precisely why she designed her Natural Mesh Bag!

Actually, if you are used to take your knitting projects everywhere with you, you must have already ranted once (or twice…) about those project bags that just can’t keep your yarn from tangling. For that’s the danger you face when your balls or cakes keep moving in a big bag without being held, every time you pull on your thread to knit! Julie Weisenberger has experienced that, and so has thought about a way to avoid that. And as they say, the rest is history!

With its well-thought size, this little yarn bag will receive a big cake or two small ones, and keep them from entangling while you knit or simply carry your project bag. Plus, its closing system by snap buttons let your yarn go through the opening without snatching it.

As for its material, it is made of washable paper fabric: ecological, sturdy and good-looking. In fact, even if you only knit at home, you can also use this bag. After all, it would make a cute yarn bowl, wouldn’t it?

What you need to know about this yarn bag:

  • Made of mesh paper fabric
  • Dimensions (open): length: 12.5cm ; width: 12.5 cm ; height: 12.5 cm
  • Perfect size to keep a big yarn cake or two small ones
  • Closing by snap buttons
  • Flat bottom to ensure a good stability
  • Machine washable using a delicate program, air dry after shaping

Cocoknits’ Natural Mesh Bag has been designed as an answer to a specific knitting problem: to protect your precious yarns! And of course with class and simplicity all the while respecting the environment. Actually, those principles can apply to the entire range of the brand and that’s why we offer a good selection of them!