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You find that the classical flat wooden needle gauges take too much place in your project bag? You would like to find one that fits in your tool case? You will love this CocoKnits needles gauge!

With its pretty colours and small size, this tool has everything. It is not only really useful, but also ultra-cute! Plus it is eco-friendly 😉 Indeed, CocoKnits designed this gauge using PLA, a plastic substitute made from plant residues, entirely biodegradable.

It is made of several disks, that pivot around an axis, like a little fan. This way, it provides an easy access to the size you need, all the while staying on the compact side. Plus, the disks are equipped with a magnet, so that once closed, they stay this way.

Note: because of the material it is made of, this gauge does not like humidity. If for any reason, it takes water, we advise you to dry it, then to put it in a temperate room, fanning the disks, so that they will not stick to one another.

What you need to know about this needle gauge:

  • made without plastic;
  • size (closed) : 2.5 cm x 4 cm;
  • magnetic disks, engraved with the needle sizes in mm and in US size, in assorted pastel colours (the order of the colours may vary);
  • can be used for needles from 2 to 10 mm.

We completely fell for this CocoKnits’ needles gauge with its rainbow of pastel colours! It is the type of practical thingie you want to keep on your desk just for the pleasure to see it or to play with it, isn’t it? Actually, if, like us, you love the aesthetic of this brand, you can find a selection of their products here.

And if you would rather use a more traditional needle gauges, we have some wooden ones, that doubles with swatch gauges 😉

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