Cocoknits – Retractable Measuring Tape



Whether you love collecting them, or you are looking for the perfect tool to add to your notions pouch, Cocoknits measure tape is an attention grabber!

Indeed, just like for all of their products, Cocoknits designed and produced this measure tape with the utmost care. Using PLA* instead of mere plastic makes it ecological. If you have already splurged on the brand’s mini needle gauge, you already know this material. Soft to the touch, it is also very sturdy. Plus, Cocoknits’ choice to not include a “stop” mechanism to this tape has two benefits. The first one is, yet again, to avoid the use of plastic components. The second, to give it more durability, as those mechanisms have a tendency to break. This way, you will buy a useful object, durable, made of biodegradable or easily recyclable materials

So, an ecological tape measure, but its design has not been overlooked too! In fact, how can you resist such cuteness? With its round shape, that fits just right in the palm of the hand, its ergonomy is perfect. And those colours! Soft beautiful pastels, that will bring a bit of happiness to all your projects (yes, even the most boring ones such as sewing hems!).

What you need to know about this tape-measure:

  • eco-friendly design, 100% without plastic: made of PLA* with a metal tape and tab at its end,
  • 2 meters long, which is longer than what you usually find,
  • retractable system without “stop” mechanism, to avoid breaking,
  • available in 3 pastel colours: mustard seed, sea glass and wild rose.

With its ergonomic shape, Cocoknits’ tape measure will soon become one of your favourite tools! A small useful tool packed up with happiness, it will give you a smile every time you use it. An excellent way to add a bit more pleasure to your projects!

And if you appreciate the values of the brand as much as we do, and have a crush on their products that combine both design and usefulness, you can still take a look at our selection here 😉


*PLA (or Polyactic Acid) is a polyester made from lactic acid, usually with corn, but also with wheat or sugarcane. Its biodegradability makes it an ecological alternative to plastic and polystyrene. Plus, its production has an interesting carbon footprint, the CO2 emissions due to its production being canceled while the plants it is made of are growing.

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