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Scenario: you happily work through a stockinette stitch sea when all of a sudden: disaster! You come face to face with a ladder… One of your stitches has strayed and decided to go down a few row without even having the courtesy to warn you. But no need to panic, this is a situation every knitter has to face one day or another, and easily fixable with a bit of patience… and the right tools. And that’s where Cocoknits’ Stitch Fixer comes to the rescue!

Okay, you can coax the escapee up using your knitting needles. But you will soon find out that using a crochet will really make the chore easier! However, when you knit, you don’t always keep this type of tool under hand… All the more if it is a technique that you don’t master. That’s why you will find on the knitting market “SOS crochets”, that are smaller and more handy than working crochets. Another advantage: they easily fit inside a tool case!

Another good point in favour of the Stitch Fixer: it has a double head. When it comes to the worst, you have to react quickly (above all if you work with a silky yarn that tends to unravel quickly). With this crochet, no need to think about which side is the good one, you just grab it and go!

Plus, as it is made of steel, it can be stuck on a magnetic support. So if you have a Maker’s Keep, or any other magnetic bracelet, you can just put it there and keep it within reach at all times.

What you need to know about this crochet:

  • Double headed crochet
  • Diameter: 3 mm
  • Length: 10 cm
  • Made of nickel plated steel
  • Can be used with Cocoknits’ Maker’s Keep (or any other magnetic support)

Cocoknits’ Stitch Fixer has definitely been aptly named! Practical and easy to keep within reach, it will soon become one of your “must have”. And once well prepared, rescuing straying stitches will become routine!

Not sure how to do? You will find several videos on Youtube that explain that, like this one for example.

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