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If you are looking for a practical tool that will cut quickly and easily your yarn ends, CocoknitsYarn Snip might interest you!

Yarn snips are quite a good alternative to scissors, and they are quicker to use. Indeed, one of their assets is that you do not need to slip your fingers through handles to use them. A time saving move ! You just have to grab them, press them and voilà. No more fingers trapped in those little scissors’ pesky handles! Plus, the size and weight of these particular snips give you a good grip on them, and make them pleasant to use. And last good point: nobody will come and steal them from your tool case as they are only made to cut thread! Demonstration? You can find a video on Youtube here.

Like every other product of the brand, this yarn snip has been made to last. Really sturdy, it has been forged in a single piece. No welds that could come apart, no plastic handle that could break, no miniature screw that could unscrew themselves. You will keep this one for a long time! And its natural leather cover will protect the blades wherever you choose to store it.

What you need to know about this yarn snip:

  • Made of blackened steel, forged in one piece
  • Comes with a vegetally tanned natural leather cover to protect the blades
  • Rustic and handmade feel
  • Total length: about 10cm
  • Blades designed to cut only yarn

Cocoknits’ Yarn Snip is definitely one of those tools you must have. You can easily store it in your knitting pouch, within reach. Plus, for the nomadic knitters, it will go through security checks more easily than a pair of scissors. Il se rangera facilement dans une trousse, à portée de mains. And just like all the products of this brand, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time!

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