Cohana Christmas Special Edition 2020



If you like Cohana’s beautifully handcrafted accessories, you will love the special edition they designed for Christmas, adorning their must-haves with white and gold colours.

To bring a little Christmas cheer in your sewing or knitting space, we have selected some essential tools for everyone who enjoys crafting with fabric… And we must admit that they are really cute in their wintery and festive colours! Some beautiful gifts to make, to put on your own wish-list… or just to buy for yourself 😉

Here are our favourites:

  • the tape measure: if there is one tool that we cannot live without, it is this one! This tape measure is covered in white leather, embroidered with gold thread in a traditional japanese pattern called Shippo. It also has a cute golden silk pompon, handmade by a renowned workshop (diameter : 6.5 cm / length of the tape : 1.50 m).
  • the lacquered embroidery scissors: these small scissors also are essential tools in every sewing box. You know, to snip all those pesky little threads that dangle on every project? We often cannot find ours when we need them, but Cohana’s are so elegant with their golden handles and silk pompom that we cannot take our eyes off them! Handcrafted by Hasegawa Cutlery, they are sharp and pointy. And their leather case keeps their blades from any damage. (length: 10.5 cm, blades: 2.5 cm)
  • Shozaburo thread snips: an alternative to sharp embroidery scissors, the thread snips is very practical too. Cohana partnered with Shozaburo, a renowned workshop, to handcraft theirs. Each snips handle is then covered in a silk braid. And with its white and gold threads and its white leather case, its Christmas edition really feels like luxury! (length: 10.8 cm, blades: 3.6 cm)
  • a cute pin cushion: sitting next to their sewing machine, the pin cushion is one of the sewing addict best friends! With its clean design and natural material, this one looks a lot like a decorative object. Its frame is made of cypress wood, and its cushion embroidered with golden thread in the Japanese traditional Shippo pattern. It comes with three marking pins. And, of course, everything has been handcrafted with the utmost care. A beautiful object that will bring a luxury touch to any creative space! (side length: 4.6 cm, heigth: 2.9 cm)
  • the magnetic spool: this one is for the clumsiest of us! With the same purpose as the pin cushion, this pretty spool encloses a magnet under its beautiful traditional Hasami glaze. Made of ceramic, it has been handcrafted in the Ishimary Togei manufacture. Covered in white and gold, this beautiful object will have a place of choice on any working table. And maybe even on your desk, as a reminder of your favourite hobby (and an excellent way to keep those ever-straying paper clips!)(height: 4.6 cm, diameter: 3.5 cm, comes with some pins with glass heads)
  • the Himeji leather purse: a more versatile gift idea! Indeed, it is perfect to keep all the little notions and tools we often use when knitting or sewing, but it can also be useful in a lot of other ways. Himeji leather is tanned using plants, which is less harmful to the environment. It then takes a distinctive white colour and texture. For Christmas, Cohana chose to dye this leather in a gold colour, to give it a festive feeling… And, doing so, to put some glamour in your everyday life! (diameter: 8.5 cm, heigth: 5 cm)

If you are looking for smaller gifts, maybe one of those will be the answer to your quest:

  • the Seki mini scissors: these cute little scissors (3.5 cm long !) literally fit in the palm of your hand, and yet are the most effective tool. Actually, they are handcrafted by Hasegawa Cutlery, a renowned Japanese manufacture. Just a little squeeze on their handles, with two fingers, and they will easily cut any thread! And once they are safely put in their leather case, they really do not take any room.
  • the wooden star pins: always useful to place seam markings while sewing, these pins will also be helpful to any knitter who wants to keep the parts of their knitting project together before sewing it. These ones have a head shaped like stars. If they can seem quite uninteresting at first, people who enjoy handcrafted items will love them. Actually, every pin head is handmade in the Japanese workshop Yosegi Koubou Ag. Marquetry being an art in itself, how do you feel about miniature marketry?! (set of 3 pins, length: 35 mm, diameter of the star: 7 mm)

But Cohana also offers two sets specifically curated for Christmas, with several of the special edition objects:

Proof of the brand’s attention to details, each object of Cohana’s Christmas special edition comes in a beautiful packagin. Ready for the d-day! Now, you just have to choose on which one you will splurge 😉

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