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Tired of finding pins everywhere on your crafting table?  Of losing your embroidery needles between the sofa cushions? To constantly have to look for paper clips or hair pins?  Cohana offers a solution to your problem: this magnetic spool is in fact a pretty pin holder (or paper clips, or hair pins, or whatever small metallic thing you need to keep within reach…)

Like all the products of this brand, this pin holder is above all a beautiful object. Indeed, Cohana chose to collaborate with Ishimaru Togei potery workshop to make it. This means that they are handcrafted using a traditional technique called Hamasi. This specific type of potery gives birth to simple object with beautiful texture and a wonderful glazing work.

Plus, by putting a magnet inside the potery, Cohana changed it from an artisanal container to a practical object that all the needlework addicts will find useful. You can use this spool in its primary purpose, and keep it next to your sewing machine or your favorite place to do embroidery as a pin holder. But you can also, for example, put it on your desktop to keep your paper clips within reach, all the while day dreaming to your next crafting project 😉

What you need to know about this pin holder:

  • handcrafted in Hasami ceramic,
  • holds a magnet to keep in place all those little metallic thingies that tend to disappear whenever you need them,
  • a special edition in wintery white and gold colours,
  • comes with 20 pins with glass heads,
  • diameter: 3.5 cm ; height: 4.6 cm.

This pretty magnetic spool by Cohana will indeed find its place easily in your home! Whether you use it as a pin holder, or as a reminder of your favourite craft, its beautiful ceramic makes it an attractive decorative object. Plus, this special edition comes in a thoughtfully designed packaging, so if you needed a gift idea, here it is!

And if you like objects that are both beautifully made and practical, take a look at the haberdashery part of our website. You will find there some more products by Cohana, but also a lot of other things that range from must-haves to curiosities (or in between)!

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