Cohana – Marking Pins



You like to be surrounded with beautifully crafted objects, even when practicing your favourite hobbie? Cohana offers a range of wonderful tools and notions, all handcrafted, like, for example, these marking pins!

Even if they are mainly useful objects, these pins are indeed a testament to the skills of two Japanese craft businesses. In fact, the flowers and stars that decorate them both have been handmade.

The flowers, made of metal in gold, silver and copper shades, have been made by casting metal in a rubber mold specifically designed to create each ornament. Each metal piece obtained this way then goes in the hands of an artisan, who will work on it to obtain those pretty little flowers.

As for the stars, they are delicately pieced together using one of the finest Japanese traditional marquetery techniques, called Hakone. The artisans of the Yosegi Koubou Ag workshop actually create those miniature geometric figures by hand from small pieces of wood that they have first worked into shape. The colours of these pieces depend on the type of wood that is used. We are talking about real pieces of miniature craftmanship

Each ornament is then assembled to long pins of the best quality, that you can easily use with any type of fabric.

What you need to know about these pins:

  • Handcrafted head made of wood (stars) of metal (flowers),
  • Length: 3.6 cm,
  • Set of 3 marking pins in assorted colours.

Cohana’s pretty marking pins will put a bit of happiness in each of your projects. More than simply useful objects, each one of them is pure traditional Japanese craftmaship. So, how can you say no to them, even if it is only to use as a decoration to pin on one of those cute pin cushions? A kind of cherry on the cupcake, really! 😉

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