Cohana – Mini Pin Cushion



Another practical cutie! An essential to all sewing or embroidery addicts, Cohana’s mini pin cushion will easily find its place right next to you whenever you need to sew some stitches.

Despite its miniature size and its cupcake look, this object is indeed really useful. Thanks to it, you will not lose your pins or needles in the folds of the sofa cushions anymore! Its banshu fabric, in pretty colours, let the tips of every needles slip easily inside the cushion. This way, they will not bend when you pin them. And its specific stuffing will keep the rust at bay between two sessions of embroidery, sewing or other mending.

Plus, with its small leather loop, you will even be able to wear it around your neck. This way, you can keep it under hand at all times. But if you prefer to keep it on your work table, its base, made of hinoki cypress, is sturdy and stable.

What you need to know about this pin cushion:

  • handcrafted from hinoki cypress and banshu fabric
  • a leather loop makes it easy to wear it around your neck on a ribbon or lace (not included)
  • available in 3 colours
  • dimensions: 33 mm x 35 mm

This cute little pin cushion by Cohana makes a great gift for any fiber crafter. Just like any other product of this brand, the materials chosen and the attention to details and finishes given to it by the traditional Japanese workshops that have worked on it make this a high quality object. Something you will enjoy using… or giving to a fellow crafter!

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