Cohana – Seki Mini-Scissors



In the category “cute yet incredibly useful”, we have selected Cohana’s Seki mini-scissors!

With their miniature size, this pair of scissors indeed fits in the palm of your hand. But they are no less extremely efficient. Made by Hasegawa Cutlery, a Japanese manufacture established since 1933, they are of an outstanding quality. Actually, they are named after the town where the plant is based, Seki, a bastion of this country’s cutlery. Very easy to use, you will just have to apply a soft pressure with two fingers on its handles to cut clearly any thread.

Plus, even their finishes are a testimony to the Japanese tradition. Actually, the silk tassel that is knotted on them is handmade by Imasato‘s artisans. This century-old workshop has made itself known by making the tassels on the Yame lanterns that you can admire during several festivals. This very small detail is indeed a real clue as to Cohana’s products quality!

As for its genuine leather case, it will protect the blades of your new crafting partner with style. This way, you can take them everywhere without fear of damaging them.

What you need to know about these mini-scissors:

  • Handmade in Japan by a renowned cutlery manufacture
  • Cut clearly any type of thread with just a light pressure of two fingers
  • Total length of the scissors: 34 mm
  • Leather case: 25 mm x 20 mm
  • Handmade silk tassel: 25 mm

Cohana’s Seki mini-scissors are a really useful tool packed up in a compact and oh so cute design. And with their carefully thought-out packaging, that shows the attention Cohana gives to details, they will make a cute little gift for every sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving… addict! Or why not for yourself too 😉

Actually, all the products of this brand reflect their commitment to create durable and high quality objects.  That is the reason why we selected several of them for you, and you can find them all here 😉

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