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Interested by the concept of capsule wardrobe? You feel smothered by the amount of knitting and / or sewing patterns you own without being able to find THE perfect basic pattern you need? Your measurements fall out of the grids? Jacqueline Cieslak’s Embody book is made for you!

Indeed, you will find in this book all you need to create a wardrobe easy-to-wear every day. A real “capsule” made of a knitting pattern, a sewing pattern and an accessory, that, in fact, you will be able to use to create several pieces. Sweater, cardigan, top or vest with a single knitting pattern, dress, skirt, top with or without sleeves with a single sewing pattern, or any other piece of garment you will think of. Actually, those three patterns can be used to make up to 25 different pieces! Plus, the author also shares her thoughts about the creation of a “capsule”, as well as advices, everything coming from several years of teaching experience of this topic.

But more than a simple sewing or knitting manual, you will find a deep reflection about the textile creation process. Jacqueline Cieslak not only talks about minimalism and durability, but also about how it relates to your relation with your own body.

What you need to know about this book:

  • based on the concept of capsule wardrobe, with an accent on minimalism, durability and body-positivism
  • contains a customizable knitting pattern (sweater, cardigan, top, vest), a customizable sewing pattern (dress or top with or without sleeves, skirt) and a knitting pattern for a shawl
  • a large range of sizes: the patterns are created for a bust size going from 70 to 159.5 cm for the knitting pattern, and from 81.5 cm to 164 cm for the sewing one
  • patterns available as pdf only
  • 102 pages

Jacqueline Cieslak’s book, Embody, is thus more than a classical knitting or sewing book. It is actually a real reflection about how and why create your own fashion.  This way, using only three patterns that are in fact “white canvas”, the author invites you to re-think how you see your wardrobe by integrating it in a minimalist and durable approach, and to think about how creating your own clothes is a way to honour your body.

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