Emilia Philomène – Leona



Fans of aerial, soft and cuddly yarn, you will love Emilia & Philomène’s Leona.

Actually, Amélie, the soul behind the brand, chose to name this yarn after her grand-mother. When talking about her, she describes her as the woman who “made the best sugar pies ever and had the softest arms in the world”. Soft as a sugar pie, and cuddly as a loved one’s arms, what more can we ask from a yarn? Whether you knit it on its own, with one or several strands, or combining it with another yarn, this mohair and silk blend will make a light and cosy fabric, with a soft sheen thanks to the silk. A real blankie!

Now, take this yarn and soak it in Amélie’s colorful palette, and you will find some treasures… If on Adelina, her colours seem muted and almost clouded, the same colours on Leona feel like they have been brightened. All the nuances that Amélie so artistically creates are brought up with more contrast, more strength. A real treat for the eyes!

What you need to know about this yarn:

  • Weight: Lace
  • Composition: 72% mohair, 28% silk
  • 400 meters / 50 grams per skein
  • Available in 15 shades
  • Needles: 1 to 2.5 mm (or more if knitted with several strands or another yarn)
  • Gauge: 28 stitches = 10 cm
  • Handwash

Just like all the mohair and silk yarns, Emilia Philomène’s Leona is rather versatile. You can knit it on its own, with several strands, or combining it with another yarn. If you choose a solid one for that, you will softened its nuances… unless you choose the same colour on another base, like Joséphine for example? Together, they would indeed make a striking duo! You can even alternate them inside one project, to play on the texture rather than on the colours. That’s what Christelle Nihoul has done with her beautiful Agrumes shawl (on Ravelry or LoveCrafts). And why not draw inspiration from Andrea Mowry and her Pink Velvet (on Ravelry or on her website), and knit a yoke motif with Leona while working the body of a sweater or cardigan with Adelina?

And if you are curious to see how this yarn looks like once knitted, you can go and see its Ravelry page! There are a lot of beautiful projects to be seen there!

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