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You love all the fun, quirky and practical accessories, all the more when they are knitting related? The removable Floops Stitch Markers, named Flox, will make you happy!

Indeed, these small objects are all that. Quirky, with their pointed ends and their shapeable body. Fun, with their colours and their potential for playing. And practical, for more than one reasons!

But let’s get back to their design. Actually, the Flox looks like a double-pointed needle, but with a bendable middle. You can twist it to close it, untwist it if you need a cable needle or to store it… In fact you can give it exactly the shape you need it to have. So you can see how it could also be a good stress reliever, right?

A Flox can:

  • become a stitch marker, for example a BOR one, or any marker that needs to be easily recognizable,
  • be used as a removable marker, as it can slip right through your stitches without pulling them,
  • be a useful cable needle, of any shape you prefer,
  • or even keep your stitches on hold, if you only have a few to put aside,
  • and be your guardian angel, by securing a stray stitch, and by helping you repairing your mistake.

And all this without taking much space! Indeed, the Flox fits in the palm of your hand. And if you set it straight, it will not take anymore room in your pouch than a thin pen.

You cannot wrap your mind around it? Stephen West has filmed a short video that will make you want to always keep one of them within reach! You can see it here.

You will receive 1 Flox of a random colour (if you really do not like one of them, please tell us in the “notes” you can fill in below your shopping cart and we will do our best to avoid it, depending on our stock of course!).

The Flox created by Floops Stitch Markers is really well designed little accessory, versatile and ultra-practical. It is typically the kind of curiosity that you will hang on your WIP and quickly will not be able to knit without! But if you prefer more classical tools, we also have plenty of them in the haberdashery part of our website. You well certainly find there what you need… or some other curiosities 😉

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