Geo-metry – Turtle



You like to wind your yarn by hand, but you can never have a beautifully rounded ball, without a mess of knots inside it? Geo-metry’s Turtle will help you to avoid that!

If knitting is “the new yoga”, other activities that are linked to it can also be meditative… For example, making a ball of yarn from a skein by hand. With its rythmical movement and slowness, this process has just the same effect on your mind. And if, for some of us, it might seem too slow and tedious, it is an entire part of the pleasure to begin a new project for some others. 

But sometimes, beginning (right) is exactly the problem! Indeed, when you are not used to winding yarn by hand, you can easily find yourself with a whole mess right in the middle of your ball of yarn. Or with a ball that looks like anything but like a ball. That is where the Turtle can help you.

Actually, as it becomes the center of your future ball of yarn, it prevents it from becoming a rat nest. And once you find your rythm, you will fill it regularly, ending with a beautifully round ball (with four ears sticking out, in which you will be able to stick your needles when putting down your WIP!).

What you need to know about the Turtles:

  • Designed and handcrafted in a small Danish workshop
  • Width: 9.5 cm
  • Made of leather straps that are treated using a vegetable tan process (more environmental friendly)

Note: the Turtles cannot be used with the Cocoons of the same brand.

Geo-metry’s Turtle can join the Cocoon in the list of “aesthetically appealing yet practical knitting curiosities”. Indeed, it has also been created with the nordic design codes in mind: simplicity, durability, functionality. This small object, that will leave the non-knitters puzzled, can be really useful. And even become one of these accessories you cannot knit without!

And if you really want to keep your hand-winding sessions a meditative parenthesis instead of a frustrating experience because of a stubborn skein, think “swift”! We offer several of them, so that you can choose between Knit Pro, Scheepjes and ChiaoGoo. They will keep your skeins from becoming a tangle of knots. Plus, their movement has kind of an hypnotic result that just adds to the feeling of calm and serenity you are looking to find with this activity 😉

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