Gleener On The Go Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush


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With Gleener On The Go, enjoy all the qualities of the celebrated Gleener fabric shaver, in a pocket size! Perfect if you do not have a lot of room at home, or to take everywhere you go if you travel a lot, or even to keep in a drawer of your office desk in case you need to freshen up a bit before an important meeting.

This small tool offers the same three shaving edges than the bigger one. This way, you can choose the most efficient one depending on the type of fabric that you need to treat: the bigger grid-like edge, for the woollens and thicker pilling, the intermediary one, for the medium-weight fabrics, and the finest one, for your most delicate and light-weight fabrics. And for perfect finishes, one of its sides is in fact a velvet lint brush.

With its compact size and well-thought ergonomy, this fabric shaver is easy to handle, whether on your garments, handcrafted or store-bought, or on bigger pieces like furniture or curtains for example. Bonus: the different edges can be stored directly inside it.

Curious to see how it works? You can find a video on Youtube to see it!

What you need to know about this compact fabric shaver:

  • the same efficiency than the Gleener, in a compact size
  • 3 interchangeable shaving edges, to be used according to the type of fabric you are cleaning
  • a velvet lint brush, to be used after the de-pilling phase for a perfect result, or to simply clean your clothes from any dust particle or pet hair
  • comes in its storage bag, and with an instructions notice
  • you can find interchangeable shaving edges here in case you break or lose one of them

As efficient as its big brother, the Gleener On The Go fabric shaver will follow you everywhere. This way, your clothes will always be impeccable!

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