Hardicraft Crochet Kit – Various Designs



The pattern instructions in those kits are written in French only.

An indestructible (and non prickly) cactus? A cute rattle for a baby? A new amigurumi friend to put on a corner of your desk and keep you company? Whatever you want, there is a Hardicraft crochet kit for you.

Just like for its knitting kits, Hardicraft worked with Christel Krukkert to design most of the patterns of its crochet kits. This Dutch designer has made a specialty of designing amigurumis, those small cute figurines to knit or crochet… and to collect!

The kits contain:

  • the balls of cotton you will need to crochet the project;
  • some stuffing;
  • the accessories needed to complete the project (safety eyes, pots for the cactus, a wooden ring and a bell for the rattle, a plaque for the unicorn head, sequins for the sea horse etc);
  • a pattern leaflet in French.

Note: the crochet hooks are not sold with the kits. You will find here-under the size of crochet you need to work. If you need to order one, our Etimo Tulip crochets are a good choice.

Several designs are available:

  • 3 cactus in their pots (height*: between 7 and 13 cm ; crochet n°2,5)
  • Dirk the Zebra (height*: 25 cm ; crochet n°3)
  • wall ornament Elsa the Unicorn (size of the plaque: 18 x 18 cm ; crochet n°2,5)
  • baby Owl mobile (length without the fasteners*: 30 cm ; crochet n°2,5)
  • Holly the Unicorn (height*: 20 cm ; crochet n°2,5)
  • Molly the Sea Horse (height*: 17 cm ; crochet n°2,5)
  • Fiep the Puppy (height*: 20 cm ; crochet n°2,5)
  • Teddy Bear rattle (length*: 12 cm ; crochet n°2,5)
  • Elephant rattle (length*: 12 cm ; crochet n°2,5)
  • Mouse rattle (length*: 12 cm ; crochet n°2,5)
  • mini-van VW style, red (dimensions* : 16 cm long x 10 cm high ; crochet n°2,5)
  • Tom le Panda (height*: 20 cm ; crochet n°2,5)

You do not crochet (yet) ? These kits can be ideal projects to start: quick, with not much difficulties, and so cute that you will want to finish them! And if really crochet is not your thing, why not gift your favorite hooker a Hardicraft crochet kit?

*Length and other dimensions are for reference only. The final result will depend of your own tension.

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