Help markers!



Beautiful wooden markers that are engraved with instructions to help you know what part you are knitting! The first set includes everything you need to knit a top-down or bottom-up sweater : RS (removable marker that allows to distinguish right side from wrong side), BOR (beginning of round marker), front, back and 2 x sleeve. The second set is dedicated to top-down sweaters: 1 BOR, 4 x M1L, 4 x M1R. The third set is dedicated to bottom-up sweaters: 1 BOR, 4 x K2TOG, 4 x SSK Of course, you can use these markers for any other project such as shawls, socks , etc. and be mixted up! Pouch with 6 markers: 1 removable markers and 5 regular markers for the 1st set and 9 removable markers for the 2nd and 3rd sets.

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