Hiya Hiya – Cables Connectors



Another useful itty-bitty accessory! Indeed, Hiya Hiya’s cables connectors can be rather helpful.

Thus, if you do not feel like drowning yourself under yet another long cables that you will use only once in a while, you will love them! For example, you will be able to put together two small cables, so that you can try your WIPs as you go. No more hazardous shifting of stitches from a cable to a long thread and back! You will just have to unscrew a needle tip, replace it with another cable, and slip your stitches evenly on this new length. If you have already lost stitches while using “the good old way”, you will understand what we mean when we say this little bit of steel can be a lifesaver!

Likewise, if you knit a project with never ending rows, you will love these connectors. Imagine: you are right in the middle of your next favorite cuddly shawl, and you already have more than 300 stitches. They begin to feel slightly pressured on your 80 cm cable! No need to unscrew your needle tips to put them on a longer cable, before taking back where you left. You just have to add another cable at the end of the one you are using, and voila!

Easy, quick, and practical (and a good way to avoid creating stray stitches).

Each set contains two cable connectors of the same type, as well as two rubber grips to tighten them.

They are available in two types:

  • small: to join two cables of the small type (used with needle tips from 2.5 to 5 mm)
  • large: to join two cables of the large type (used with needle tips from 5.5 to 10 mm)

Hiya Hiya’s cable connectors are part of these little accessories that you cannot do without once you have tried them. Just like the cable adapters, they will quickly become essential tools of your knitting pouch!