Hiya Hiya – Fixed Sharp Mini-Circular Needles, 23 and 30cm



Sock knitters, you must give those needles a try, you will love them! Hiya Hiya Sharp mini-circular needles are indeed one of the best tool you will find to work on small diameters.

If you do not like magic loop, and if knitting with four or five needles gives you cold sweats, you will really appreciate those needles. Ideal to knit socks, they are also perfect for example to knit sleeves. And you will love them to knit baby hats, small parts of baby clothes or amigurumis too!

The fixed mini-circular needles of this brand have “sharp” tips. They are sharper than the other mini-circular needles you can find,  so if you are a tight knitter, you will find them more pleasant to use. We also recommend them if you like to work complicated stitch patterns, because they will help you catch your stitches more easily while knitting lace or cables.

Plus, just like the interchangeable ones, the tips are hollow, which makes for particularly light-weight needles. A great asset when you knit projects that are themselves on the light side!

These mini-circular needles are available in two lengths:

  • 23 cm, with straight tips of about 4 cm ;
  • 30 cm, with angled tips of about 8.5 cm.

The lengths are those of the entire needle, from one tip to the other.

Note: if you push your needle tips with your fingers while knitting, we rather recommend you to use the ChiaoGoo Red needles (metal, in 23 cm or 30 cm) or Bamboo (in 23 cm or 30 cm). The “sharp” tips are indeed really sharp, so you may injure your finger with them.

Thanks to their weight, adapted size and sharp and resistant tips, Hiya Hiya’s mini-circular needles have everything to quickly find a place in your favorite tools list!

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