Hiya Hiya – Interchangeable needle cables



If you love Hiya Hiya Sharp interchangeable needle tips, so practical to knit the most complicated stitches, you will need cables too!

The brand uses a flexible nylon to make their cables. Plus, the attachments on which you screw your needle tips are swiveling. This way, your cables are turning while you knit, thus reducing tensions and avoiding inopportune cable twists !

Hiya Hiya’s interchangeable needle cables are also particularly light. When paired to the hollow stainless steel needle tips of the brand, they make light-weight circular needles! You will appreciate this characteristic if you have shoulders, hand or back problems. Working with these needles on light project will indeed limit the weight you have to deal with, and the tension on your joints and muscles.

As for many interchangeable circular systems, you will have to choose your cable types depending on the size of your needle tips:

  • Mini: for all needles from 2 to 2.25 mm ;
  • Small: for all needles from 2.5 to 5 mm ;
  • Large: for all needles from 5.5 to 8 mm.

Each cable type is available in 5 lengths: 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm et 120 cm. Please note that the length given is the total length of the needle, meaning that it includes 4″ (10 cm) needle tips. So a 40 cm cable is in fact a 20 cm cable + 2 needle tips. And if you use 5″ (12.5 cm) needle tips, the total length of your needle will actually be of 45 cm.

Note: the colour of the cables may vary, but they all have the same characteristics. As our stocks depend on our suppliers, the colour you will receive is random.

And if you want to reduce the number of cables in your knitting pouch, you can combine them thanks to the adapters and connectors of the brand. This way, you can use one type of cables for several type of needle tips. Or join two shorter cables to make a longer one. Space efficiency and money saving 😉