Hiya Hiya – Interchangeable Sharp Needle Tips



Lace and cables knitters, this one is for you! Also for you, who knits so tightly you have to engage in a battle at each stitch ! Thanks to the Hiya Hiya Sharp interchangeable circular needle tips, your knitting life will take a turn for the easier!

Indeed, the particularity of these needle tips is… their tips. More precisely, their point. As they are sharper than other metal needles, they are a must to easily catch your stitches when you knit a complex stitch. They also are appreciated by the tight knitters, as their tip slips more easily between the needle and the stitch.

Made of stainless steel, the Hiya Hiya Sharp needle tips are hollow. That makes them particularly light-weight, even if they are as resistant as any other metal needle. Hard to bend, and even hard to break (let whoever has never broken a 3 mm wooden needle cast us the first stone 😉 ).

Once screwed on the cables of the brand, with their swiveling base, they will not only make your knitting easier, but also help you gain some knitting speed. Actually, thanks to the combination of lightness, sharp tips and smooth as satin metal, you will knit and purl stitch after stitch without even realising it!

Note: we do not recommend those needles if you use your fingers to push the needle tips when you knit. As they are sharper than average, you might in the end injure your fingertips.

The Hiya Hiya Sharp needle tips are available in 2 lengths and several sizes:

  • 4″ (10 cm) length: from 2 to 8 mm ;
  • 5″ (13 cm) length: from 2 to 8 mm.

Like it is the case for a lot of brands, you will have to choose your cables depending on your needle tips size: mini / flyer with 2 to 2.5 mm tips ; small with 2.75 to 5 mm tips ; large with 5.5 mm to 8 mm tips.

Solid and light, Hiya Hiya circular interchangeable needle tips are a tool of choice for your more complicated projects. Or simply if you want to increase your knitting speed when lost in a sea of stockinette! And if you are in the market for several needle sizes, why not have a look at the different sets, standard, premium and deluxe, that we have?

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