Hiya Hiya – Needle Tips Protectors



If you have a crush on Hiya Hiya cables stoppers but own another brand of needles, good news! You too will be able to take little pandas everywhere with you, as Hiya Hiya needle tips protectors can go on any brand of knitting needles.

We completely agree about one thing: these pandas, with their little socks, are real cuties! But not enough to shelve our favorite knitting needles and change them for another brand (unless you are looking for sharp metal needles, then Hiya Hiya has your back, but it is another problem entirely). So, unlike the cable stoppers of the brand, the needle tips protectors are universal. You can even use them if you use straight knitting needles!

Needle tips protectors are really useful when you travel with your knitting. Actually, they have two purposes. First, as said in their name, they protect your needle tips. The points of the needles are the finest part of them, and as such, more vulnerable to shocks. But they also help to keep your stitches on your needles while carrying your knitting bag. Just try to put your project in the bag without them… awful mess guaranteed! But thanks to your little protectors, you will not have to pick up the pieces anymore… or rather the lost stitches 😉

Each set contains a couple of pandas. They are available in two sizes:

  • small: for your needles from 2.5 to 5 mm ;
  • large: for your needles from 5.5 mm to 10 mm.

Note: the colour of the sock held by the pandas can vary, but as we have no way to choose what our supplier sends to us, we cannot let you choose too.

These Hiya Hiya needle tips protectors will easily find a place in you project bag. And soon, you will not be able to do without your cute little stitches guards!

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