Hiya Hiya – Panda Cable Stoppers



Cuteness overload! If you are using interchangeable circular needles, you must also quite often use cable stoppers. You know, the thingies that you screw on the cables when you want to put stitches on hold? Well, Hiya Hiya cable stoppers will make you want to buy some needles of the brand just to be able to use them! 

Indeed, these little pandas, clutching their colorful sock, are really cute… and also really useful! You all have at least once met the “put xx stitches on hold” instruction in a knitting pattern. And that is where the problems begin!

First, you have to find a bit of non-sticky, not-too-bulky yarn and a darning needle, or a stitch holder (you know, these things that mysteriously disappear just when you need them?). Then comes the time when you have to slip your stitches, one after another, on the tool you have chosen (all the while praying that you do not lose one of them). And last, congratulate yourself for your success (or grumble for the next half-hour while you try to rescue the stitches that have strayed).

But thanks to Hiya Hiya’s little smiling pandas, no more stress! You just have to take them out of your needle case, take the needle tips off the cable ends, and screw the stoppers there. Voila! Your stitches are now on hold. You just have to put your needle tips on another cable and go back to your pattern as if nothing has happened. All this without tearing your hair out!

Hiya Hiya’s cable stoppers are available in two types:

  • small: for the “small” cables, to be used with needle tips ranging from 2.5 to 5 mm;
  • large: for the “large” cables, to be used with needle tips ranging from 5.5 to 10 mm.

You will receive a set of two cable stoppers of the same type.

Note: the colour of the socks held by the pandas can vary, depending on what our supplier send us.

And if you fell in love with these cuties, know that the brand also offers needle tips protectors in the same shape. These ones will stand guard on your stitches to keep them right on your needles when you store your project in your knitting bag 😉