Hiya Hiya – Tightening grips and key


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Have you ever had one of your needle tips unscrewing itself right in the middle of a row? If so, you will like to keep these Hiya Hiya rubber grips and tightening key within hand reach! 

Indeed, thanks to these small tools, you will be able to join securely cables and needle tips. This way, you will create a smooth and stable joint between both these elements. The rubber grips help to hold the metal slippery tips. And the key goes inside the lifeline hole on the base of the cable, near the needle tip. Once your needles are correctly put together, no more accidental unscrewing!

Note: you can also use them to secure the cables adapters and connectors of the brand.

You will receive a set of two rubber grips and one tightening key. The colour of the grips can vary (red, black or purple), but we cannot offer you to choose, as our stocks depend on our supplier 😉

Psssst ! You use another brand of interchangeable circular needles? No problem! You can use the Hiya Hiya rubber grips and tightening key with almost every other brand*.


*Kinki Amibari’s Seeknit needles do not have a lifeline hole on their cable attachments. But you can still use the rubber grips with them if you need it.