Isager – Tweed



A yarn that is both tweedy and cuddly? Here is what Isager is offering you with its Tweed!

A beautiful blend of wool and mohair, this single ply yarn is fluffy and have an interesting “hanspun” feel. Moreover, the mohair tones down the rusticity of the wool by bringing it a slight sheen and a lot of softness.  Plus, the small colour flecks that give it its name, quite rare in this type of composition, lend to this yarn a bit of originality.

As this Tweed is rather fine, it is a good choice to play mix and match with other yarns. For example, it will work beautifully with the Alpaca 1 of the brand, which will give it some drape. Or with their Silk Mohair, which will complement its fluffiness and add yet a bit more of softness.

Plus, you will find the colour palette specifically developped by Isager. With its basic and timeless shades, your future projects will easily find a place in your existing wardrobe! And if you choose to combine it with another yarn, you will be able to find a matching colour without any problem, as this palette is used with all the references of the brand. Imagine all the possibilities! Solid, semi-solid, heathered, faded, marled, you can create any colour you want!

Note: because of its structure, Isager recommend to knit this yarn flat, not in the round.

What you need to know about this yarn:

  • Weight: Fingering
  • Composition: 70% wool, 30% mohair
  • 200 meters / 50 grams per skein
  • Available in 11 shades
  • Needles: 3 to 3.5 mm
  • Gauge: 28 stitches = 10 cm
  • Handwash

Isager’s Tweed is actually both original and versatile. You will indeed be able to work it on its own, with needles from 3 mm, but, for example, it will also give wonderful results with 6 or 7 mm needles if paired with the brand’s Silk Mohair. Cuddly sweater guaranteed! Here we can see a Sur un Nuage with this combo, with the texture effect of the Tweed that plays with the lightness of the mohair.

And for more inspiration, the Ravelry page of this page is full of ideas!

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