Kaliko – Plant Stamped Pouches



If you like to take your knitting with you everywhere, maybe you had to choose between your project bag and your handbag. In this case, it is always practical to have a little “bag for your bag”, meaning something bigger than a pouch, yet less bulky than a real bag. And that is exactly what Kaliko’s bigger pouches, with their beautiful stamped pattern looking like plant shadows, are.

Matching with the brand’s smaller pouches, this one is a really good alternative to a project bag, without the size restriction of a pouch of smaller dimensions. Actually, this one is the same size as their project bag, but without the handles and with a safer way to close it thanks to its zipper, you will be able to slip it in your handbag without second thought.  And you will also be able to tuck all your notions in its two little pockets !

Each one of these pouches is a unique piece. Handcrafted in Germany, its quality is impeccable. Made of organic cotton and unbleached linen for the lining, its beautiful colours come from low-impact synthetic dyes, GOTS certified. As for the pattern, it is handmade using stamps and an acrylic water-based ink.

What you need to know about these pouches:

  • handcrafted in a small workshop in Germany, using high quality fabrics
  • outside layer made of organic cotton, dyed using low-impact synthetic dyes, GOTS certified, without adding toxic substances ; lining made of raw linen
  • plant pattern printed using stamps and an acrylic water-based ink
  • each pouch is unique
  • 2 small pockets inside
  • securely closed by a zip
  • dimensions: 30 x 25 x 8 cm

Kaliko’s plant stamped pouch will quickly become your favourite one to take your knitting on the go! As big as a project bag but easier to slip in a handbag if need be, it will follow you everywhere. And it will take care of your WIPs and notions and protect them against the hazards of nomadic knitting!

But if you rather use a real project bag, Kaliko also offers some of them. You will find them here!

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