Katrinkles – Cat Collection



You cannot resist to anything that says “meow”? You have landed on the right page! Indeed, with their Cat Collection, Katrinkles designed a serie of knitting accessories that will make your fingers itch 😉

Actually, a lot of us cannot resist a kitten, and would like to fill every aspect of our life with them. So, why not bring those adorable tyrants in our favorite hobby (without the pain of finding their hair everywhere in our WIP!). That is what you can do thanks to Katrinkles 😉

This mini-collection contains:

  • stitch markers: so that your favourite mascot helps you counting your stitches efficiently;
  • a needle gauge: essential to find out what size of stick it prefers to play with;
  • a 5 cm mini-ruler: so that it can monitor your progress at any time;
  • cedar wood slices: so that it can protect your WIP by getting rid of any winged enemy.

The stitch markers are made of a stainless steel ring with an acrylic pendant shaped as a cat head. With their soft and modern colours, these little markers (dimension of the pendant: about 1.9 cm x 1.9 cm) will follow you in every project. You can use them with needles up to 8 mm, but their lightness makes it possible to use them even with the smallest needles.

The mini-ruler and the needle gauge, both with a 5 cm long graduation, are also made of acrylic. But they are translucent with a beautiful iridescent effect! They are also shaped as a cat head. And thanks to their little chain, you can fasten them to your notions pouch or project bag, to keep them within reach at all time!

The cedar wood slices are a great tool to try and win our never-ending against our worst winged enemy: moths! Actually, cedar smells good for us, but not for them: it is a great moth repellent. By slipping some of those cat heads inside your project bag, or with your woollens, you will keep them safe from any attack in a natural and healthy way. Plus, it is a durable solution: you just have to regularly rub them with a soft abrasive, and they will keep their repellent properties 😉

Katrinkles’ Cat Collection is a nod to all the ailurophiles of the knitting world. And if you are a fan of all the cute accessories this brand offers, you can find our very own selection here!

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