Katrinkles – Erasable Tags for Project Bags


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You are a multi-project knitter, but you also like to be a bit organized? We have a little thingie that could really help you! With these Katrinkleserasable tags, you can easily identify which bag contains which project!

It is indeed a common problem of the multi-projects knitters: having a collection of project bags! And let’s be honest, collection often rimes with disorganization. How many times did you spend a good part of your knitting pause opening bag after bag in your quest of “the one thing you want to knit right now”?

Thanks to these erasable tags, Katrinkles offers a simple and durable solution to this problem. Actually, you will just have to fasten one of them to each bag with their chain. And to write the name of the project inside, of course! No more time lost in a mad search of the right bag!

You will receive a set of 3 tags, in different colours. Made of acrylic, you can write anything you want on them with a sharpie-like marker. Then you use rubbing alcohol to erase them. And they are once more as good as new!

With their little hearts at each corner, the Katrinkles tags are so cute that you will almost want to cast on several more projects just to be able to use them. But they will also make a perfect little gift for a friend! And if you finally decide to be a mono-project knitter, they will still be practical to identify other things, like kids’ bags for example!

And if you keep casting on… and you do not have enough project bags… keep calm! We also have some pretty good ones here 😉

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