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You have set up a battle plan to win the war against our very own Winged Enemy including your stash and your cupboards, but what about your WIP and project bag? Then, we have your back! We have actually designed, in partnership with Katrinkles, mini-rulers made of cedar wood that you can just slip into your bag. Practical… and practical!

Indeed, cedar wood has a particular scent, known to be a moth repellent.  So if you keep some of it with your WIP, chances are it will not be attacked by them! And if you have to carry one more thing, why not make it a useful tool of it as well?

These mini-rulers, engraved with our Lili Comme Tout logo, are graduated both in centimeters and inches. They are about 10 cm long for 3.5 cm wide. Just what you need to check a swatch, or keep track of your knitting progresses, without having to resort to a measure tape.

Thanks to our cedar Lili Comme Tout ruler, you can take your projects with you everywhere without fear of an attack. Practical, they are one of those natural and durable products we favour. Indeed, no chemical needed! If your ruler loses its scent, you just have to rub lightly its back with a soft abrasive to make it come back…

You already have enough measuring tools, and do not feel the need to buy another one? Katrinkles also offers cedar wood slices to put in your knitting bag, or even in your closets. Bonus? They have the cutest cat head shape!

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