Katrinkles for LCT – Needle Minder



This one is for you, embroiderers that are easily distracted! Katrinkles’ needle minder will help to keep track of your needles while working.

Actually, this little accessory hides a strong double magnet, that is also doubly useful. First, to attach it on your WIP, and secondly to securely keep your needles within reach, without making marks on your cloth. Plus, it is neither too big or too small: impossible to lose it, yet it does not take a lot of space once attached on your work.

Moreover, the cherrywood used to create this needle minder gives it a natural feel. And you can choose between three engravings, to better suit your mood.

What you need to know about these needle minders:

  • contains two strong magnets
  • made of natural cherrywood, engraved by Katrinkles
  • 3 patterns available: Katrinkles’ hedgehog,Lili Comme Tout logo with its cute bird, or Self Love, after an illustration created by Charline Mazouaud
  • dimensions: 3.8 cm x 3.2 cm x 0.3 cm

Note: like all the crafted items made of natural wood, the one you will receive may slightly differ from the ones you can see on the photos.

Katrinkles’ needle minder will soon become your favourite friend! Easy to use, and easy to keep, it will take only a minimal space on your WIP or inside your notions pouch. And thanks to it, you will always know where your working needle is.

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