Katrinkles – “Hand Made” Labels



Care to customize your handmade projects? Why not sew on them some labels that proudly state “Hand Made”? That is what Katrinkles offers you to do with these ones!

Indeed, thanks to these tags, you can bring “the final touch” to all of your creations. And when we say all of them, we are talking of knitting or crochet as well as sewing, weaving… In short: any handmade project on which you can sew (or, why not, paste*!) a label like this one without altering it or its style.

These Katrinkles tags are, like all the products of the brand, of the best quality. Made of faux suede, they can be folded over or sewn flat, as you want! You can sew them, or use rivets, or even glue* them, depending on the material you used. Plus, they are washable, so you will not have any problem to take care of your textile projects.

The labels are available in two ranges of colours: brown, or pink. Each range is made of 3 shades of colour. You will receive a set of 6 labels, each packaging containing 2 labels per shade.

Thanks to these “Hand Made” labels created by Katrinkles, you can bring a professionnal touch to all your projects.

If you do not like the “faux suede” aspect, or if it does not match your last creations’ style, or if you would rather find labels more specific to knitting projects, you can take a look at the Twig & Horn ones! Maybe they will be more in line with what you need?


*We do not recommend to glue a label on a piece of garment. However, you can do that on objects that do not require to be worn next to the skin or to be washed if you want to 😉

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