Katrinkles – Numbered Stitch Markers


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Stitch markers engraved with numbers? What a weird idea! But for the most distracted among us, it can be a good idea to use those numbered stitch markers made by Katrinkles, with their cute rainbow colours to remind us of the number of stitches we just casted on!

Because that is what those numbers are made for, not to win the lottery! (we would have liked that, too)

These stitch markers actually are numbered “25, 50, 75 and 100“. You just have to put them on your needles while casting on, and you will know exactly where you are without having to count again and again. Useful when you begin a XXL sweater or big shawl from the bottom for example, or a blanket.

And once you are on track, and the first rows are done, you can totally use them as classical stitch markers. They will bring some joy to your WIPs!

Light-weight and sturdy, they are made of an acrylic material, which gives them a pretty transparency. The pendants are mounted on stainless steel rings.  You can use them with needles up to 8 mm.

By engraving their markers with numbers, Katrinkles found a way to make the most distracted knitters’ life easier. Or to just bring a bit of colour in our life 😉

But if, in fact, those markers are not what you need, you can still go and search our selection. From the simplest to the cutest, you must find something that will fit your needs there!

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