Katrinkles – Wooden Mini-Ruler



In the “little cutie yet always practical thingie” list, we bring you this Katrinkles wooden mini-ruler!

Indeed, with its small size and animal engravings, it can hardly be any cuter. And who can say they never spent precious knitting time to try and find an elusive tape measure?  Please do not tell us we are the only ones whose rulers always disappear right when we need them!

But not those mini-rulers. These ones, you will always know where they are. You just have to fasten them at a precise place to find them back at any time. For example, to your project bag strap, or you notions pouch, or, why not, to your keys? Well, if you always lose your keys, that might not be the best of the options 😉

The mini-rulers are graduated on 2 inches long (that is 5 centimeters). Just what you need to quickly check a gauge, or to know approximately where you are in your knitting. And if you use removable markers every 5 cm, you can even measure exactly when you reach the “switch to ribs” part of your pattern.

Made of cheery wood, they are available in two designs: hedgehog or sheeps.

With this Katrinkles mini-ruler, you will always have something to keep track of any length within reach. Add to this a pretty pouch, a pair of cute scissors and some stitch markers, and you will also have a perfect gift for any knitter you love! You can find all this in the haberdashery section of our website, which is full of small treasures and other curiosities every knitter likes to collect 😉

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