Katrinkles – Wooden Ruler and Needle Gauge


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If you think that the square needle gauge and measuring tools take too much place, you might prefer this one. Indeed, this little ruler slash needle gauge created by Katrinkles will easily fit inside any notions pouch.

Like always with this brand’s accessories, this one is both cute and practical. With a clean design, this wooden ruler doubles as a needle gauge and will naturally find its place in your project bag.

The ruler is graduated for 20 cm / 8″ (both in centimeters and inches). The needle gauge ranges from 0.7 mm to 12 mm (including half-sizes for the smaller needles). This range is large enough to cover all the traditional needle sizes. And what about the bigger ones? Well, if your needles do not fit in the 12 mm hole, it means that they are of the 15 mm diameter kind! 😉

All the measures are engraved in the wood. This way, they will not fade with the passing of time. And thanks to its thickness, your ruler is sturdy enough not to break in your knitting bag, contrary to the plastic ones that we often find in two parts.

Note: wood being a natural material, you may receive a ruler slightly different from the one we photographed.

This two-in-one ruler created by Katrinkles, with its needle gauge, will lighten a bit your project bag. And if it is not exactly what you are looking for, we have a large selection of measuring tools on our site. You can find them under the “Miscellaneous” tag, among numerous cute things and other curiosities. But beware: we are not responsible if you cannot help but splurging!

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