Katrinkles – Wooden Stitch Markers, Limited Editions



Collectors, these ones are for you! Katrinkles stroke again with some beautiful engraved wooden stitch markers, in limited edition. If you absolutely need them in your notions pouch, it is now or never!

We will not tell you once more why stitch markers are an essential to all knitters. After all, you already know it all too well!

We will not either lecture you if you have a thing for them and tend to collect them. Actually, want to know a secret? We do too! Anyway, we always need them, don’t we? Above all if we are of the “multi-project” type of knitters… Or if we like to knit loooooong rows of lace, with a lot of repetitions of the pattern… And it is also a cute little gift to make to a knitting friend! 😉

We have selected two types of markers:

  • classical stitch markers, with engraved wooden pendants (or made of acrylic for some too) mounted on stainless steel rings. These markers come as a set of 6. You can use them with needles up to 8mm.
  • “progress keepers”. They are wooden pendants mounted on a fastener. This way, they are removable. They are sold as a set of 2.

There are 6 themes for the classical stitch markers:

  • Halloween,
  • Socks,
  • Mittens,
  • Cats,
  • Cakes,
  • Forest.

At the moment, we have only one type of “progress keepers”. They are made of two half hearts, engraved RS for Right Side and WS for Wrong Side. They will come in handy to mark the right and wrong side of your projects when you knit a reversible stitch, like garter stitch or some cables.

Note: these themes are limited edition. So for most f them, once they are gone… they are gone! We specify under each reference, when you choose them, if we can re-order them or not.

These wooden stitch markers designed by Katrinkles are a must-have of your notions pouch. Our judgement might be biased, but we find these ones are some of the cutest around! But if you do not agree with us, and still need some stitch markers, we have quite a selection on our website here 😉

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