Kinki Amibari – Seeknit Shirotake Interchangeable Needles Mini-Sets



Curious to try a new kind of circular bamboo knitting needles, but you do not want to buy a complete set immediately? These Kinki Amibari’s Seeknit interchangeable needles mini-sets are made for you!

Kinki Amibari is a Japanese brand, a family company that has been passed from generation to generation for more than a century. It means that their bamboo needles are made following an old artisanal tradition. Handcrafted, you will find that they are surprisingly smooth under your fingers. Plus, they perfectly fit the cables of the brand. Your stitches will easily and seamlessly flow from needle tip to cable to needle tip. You will knit row after row without even thinking about it!

If the company gives an important place to tradition, it also takes into account today’s issues. Indeed, the Moso and Madake bamboo used to craft the needle tips is a very ecological material. Sustainable, it takes very few natural ressources to grow it. Plus, part of the bamboo used to produce Kinki Amibari’s products is harvested in the forest. This way, they contribute to the effort to protect the local flora*.

The mini-sets are available in 3 versions: S, M et L.


The S set contains:

  • 4 pairs of needle tips, 14 cm long, in 2.5 mm, 2.75 mm, 3 mm and 3.25 mm;
  • 3 cables, type M1.8: 32 cm, 52 cm and 72 cm;
  • 1 pair of M1.8 cable stoppers;
  • 1 M1.8 cables connector.

The M set contains:

  • 3 pairs of needle tips, 14 cm long, in 3.5 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm ;
  • 3 cables, type M2: 32 cm, 52 cm et 72 cm ;
  • 1 pair of M2 cable stoppers;
  • 1 M2 cables connector.

The L set contains:

  • 5 pairs of needle tips, 14 cm long, in 5.5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm;
  • 3 cables, type M4: 32 cm, 52 cm and 71 cm;
  • 1 pair of M4 cable stoppers ;
  • 1 M4 cables connector.

Note: the sets do not include an organizing pouch. Some sets including a pretty fabric pouch are also available, in several versions. You can find them there.

Seeknit interchangeable bamboo circular needles mini-sets are a good way to try those needles. Not too pricey, they are complete enough so that you can find out if you like knitting with them or not. And if you do, you can still complete your set with some more needle tips, cables and accessories, and even the pouches! You can find our complete range on this page.

*Bamboo is particularly invasive, and tends to smother other vegetal forms of life in the local forests. Harvesting it directly there helps to limit its growth, and to let the other species have some place and air to grow too.

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