Knit Pro – Cables Connectors


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If you are a regular user of interchangeable circular needles, you know all too well their advantages and disadvantages. To be put in the first column is their versatility. And in the second one, for example, the need to pile up as many cables as project type. But thanks to Knit Pro’s cables connectors, you will be able to work around this problem!

Indeed, these little metal tubes, with their screw threads on both sides, will let you join two cables together. This way, no need to collect them anymore! You will for example be able to put together a 60 cm cable and a 80 cm one, instead of buying a 120 cm*.

You will particularly like this tip when the time to try on a WIP will come, especially if you are working on a sweater knitted in the round. Most of the time, we use needles that are way smaller than the real diameter of the sweater. So, when you want to try it on to make sure you are on the right track, you have to transfer a lot of stitches on a thread or another longer cable. But thanks to the cables connectors, you can forget the “transfer” step (and the risk to lose some stitches at the same time). You will just have to join a new cable to the one you are working with, and voila!

Likewise, if you are working on a project that requires long needles, no need to buy 120 cm or 150 cm cables just for this one! By joining two smaller cables together before casting on your stitches, you will have the perfect tool. Or if you are working on an ever-increasing shawl, you will be able to add length to your needle easily, as you go.

The set contains:

  • 2 x 35 mm connectors
  • 1 x 50 mm connector
  • 1 tightening key

Among all the little accessories of your knitting bag, those connectors will soon find a place on your list of favourites! And if you need some cables, you can find them here 😉


*Promise, we know that 60 + 80 = 140. But the lengths indicated when talking about cables are actually including 10 cm needle tips. So in this particular case, 60 + 80 will equate to 120 😉